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1. To order food and beverages from the taproom menu, please use the QR code on the table you're sitting.

2. If you order from a QR code, your order will be delivered to the table you scanned the QR code. Please do not leave that table, or we will not be able to deliver your order.

3. Absolutely no outside food or beverages.

4. Anyone found with outside alcohol will be asked to leave immediately.

5. To-go 4pks must be ordered from the taproom bar inside

6. To-go beer purchased at the brewery CANNOT be opened on brewery property. Opening your to-go beer on Batch Brewing Company property will result in your beer being thrown out, and you will be asked to leave 

7. There is no smoking allowed in the taproom, on the patio, under the pavilion, or under the tent located in the parking lot smoking can be done outside of the barrels surrounding the property.

8. Absolutely no cannabis consumption allowed on Batch Brewing Co. property. Doing so will result in you and your party being asked to leave. 

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