The Expansion Pack is a monthly beer subscription that gets you beer all year round, and helps us finish our expansion at the Funk Room.


For $10 a month [$120 for the year] subscribers get a four-pack of limited release beer every month! Since you're paying for the year up front, we get to immediately invest your money in the build out of the Funk Room.


Can't come in every month to pick up your beer? No worries. Shoot us a note and we'll have beer stashed aside for you so you can pick it up at your leisure. Or have a friend pick it up for you.


We're only making these beers for subscribers, so if you want to check them out, you have to subscribe. 


$10 a month is a flippin' bargain, by the way. Just sayin'.


Google Form will follow this email to gather your information. Email with any questions.

Expansion Pack



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